Tess was a personal trainer working at a gym when Covid hit. Up until that point she never considered having her business online, but because of the restricted circumstances she knew she had to start making some fast changes to protect herself and her family.

Tess started by getting clear on what her online offer/service was going to be, how she was going to help people and created a structure and system around that model.

After that she learned how to position herself on social media, create content that attracted her ideal client and be seen as an authority in her marketing.

Learning marketing catapulted her business off the ground and her client list filled up quickly. Tess got to the point where she was maxed out with private clients and needed to take the next steps for growth with her business. At this point we built out her first group program, got her started with email marketing and implemented a full launch marketing campaign to fill her group program.

After 1 year of working together:

- Tess is making DOUBLE the amount of money that she was making with her in person services.

- Paid off all her debt.

- Brought a house for her family